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Grupo Paraguas


Grupo Paraguas is a group of restaurants of established standing on a national level, with a presence in Madrid since 2004 and that will be crossing borders with two ambitious projects at the end of 2019 in London and Dubai. At the helm are Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, the creators and opinion leaders of a new way of doing – and understanding – the restaurant business in the country.
Nearly 600 employees are behind the engine of the six restaurants that make up the group, all of which have a different concept, style and personality, but with the same common denominator: creating an unforgettable experience for the customer.
“El Paraguas” (2004), “Ten con Ten” (2011), “Ultramarinos Quintín” (2015), “Amazónico” (2016), “Numa Pompilio” (2017), “Aarde” (2019) and “Origen” (2019) are to be found within the international concept of fine dining, which can be defined as: excellent quality cuisine, high standards of service and unique environments in exceptional locations.

El Paraguas


The sophistication of Simplicity.
Witness in the first person of the great recipes that are cooked in our kitchens, the closing of important agreements, the beginning of new illusions, promises, in short, any moment becomes a special celebration in El Paraguas.
The quintessential place for gourmets who value things well done where they feel at home thanks to the closeness and care in all the details of our team, the Paraguas family.
Delights such as verdinas with partridge or morels stuffed with foie have already reached the category of classics in the capital. Quality, authenticity and simplicity are the main ingredients, in an honest kitchen with tradition.
All this has made it internationally considered the essential classic in the capital. We will continue to be the emotion hidden in the great events of life. Exceptional moments that our tables experience every day.

El Paraguas


Phone: +34 91 431 59 50
Opens: 13:00 – 2:00a am
Kitchen hours: 00:00 am
During peak hours, please be patient for possible waiting before accessing your table, we apologize for the inconvenience.
We only accept reservations for lunch and dinner, not for the sole consumption of drinks. In this case you must go to the restaurant directly.
Dresscode: Smart-casual
Our kitchens will remain open throughout the day.